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Lead Magnet Templates #2 - Powell


This template kit (#2) is best for shorter lead magnets that require multiple call-to-action and resource pages.

Lead Magnet Templates for content creators. This one (#2) is suitable for shorter lead magnets that require multiple call-to-action and resource pages.

What’s included?

  • 1 Cover Page
  • 1 Introductory Page
  • 3 Table of Contents Page
  • 3 Content Module Page
  • 2 Meet the Team Page
  • 3 Resources Page
  • 1 FAQ Page
  • 3 Call-to-action (CTA) Page

Do I need to have any previous experience in graphic design to get started?

No, you don’t. You can edit the templates by using the drag-and-drop design tool, Canva.

How can I edit the templates?

Open the PDF, click on the links, and you’ll be able to edit the templates in Canva – yes, it’s that simple.

The product link expires in 90 days. Be sure to download the templates on time.

Disclaimer: These templates can only be used for personal, business, or branding purposes. Reselling and redistribution are prohibited.


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  • Download the PDF
  • Open the document and click on the links
  • You’ll be directed to Canva, the platform where you can edit all the templates
  • From here on, you can customize and tailor all the templates to your needs 

PRO TIP: do not try to edit the templates on the Canva Mobile App. Use the desktop or the tablet version instead.

*  A Canva account is required to customize the templates.

  • The templates may only be used for personal or branding purposes. One purchase is equivalent to one license. Reselling and redistribution is prohibited.
  • The templates are considered to be digital products, which means you will only receive a PDF with links included in it. You can access the templates through those links.
  • The product expires in 90 days, please be sure to download them on time.
  • Since we are selling digital, downloadable products, we are unable to issue refunds.
  • All the templates are sold by Graphic Design Guides. They are not, in any way, affiliated with or endorsed by Canva. For further details, feel free to contact us here.