21+ Top Shopify Stores of 2021 & How Can You Create Your Own

Shopify, today, is the world’s largest and most recognized e-commerce platform.

But it wasn’t always that way.

In 2004, Tobias Lütke with two of his friend started a website, Snowdevil, where he was selling snowboards online. He, however, quickly realized that the options at the time in the e-commerce space were quite limited and no platform offered the features he needed.

He, then, began to work on a new platform that will revolutionize e-commerce. Two years later, in 2006, Shopify was launched.

The Shopify cart system debuted in 2007. In this stage, the company was already successful and they were netting millions in sales.

In 2009, the API or Application Programming Interface was born, that allowed developers to code application that enhanced the platform’s features and were available to all users.

Four years after that, in 2013, they introduced Shopify Payments. Overall, the platform became more integrated and the users did not have to rely on third-party payment providers.

The Point of Sale system (POS), which gives merchants the ability to sell their products in person with an application that’s connected to Shopify, was created in 2017.

Over the year, Shopify has risen to become a multi-billion dollar company and the number of businesses that choose them is more than a million.

Today, you’ll see the top Shopify stores and after that, we’ll go into detail and explain how can you start your e-commerce businesses.